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XXVII International Congress of Psychology

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in this post you can see a commemorative postmark of 27. th International Congress of Psychology  that took place in Stockolm on July 28, 2000.
Letter circulated from Stockolm to Avrille in France

Poster of the congress


Örjan Salling, Congress Secretary General, originally prepared for Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource, reprinted from 2009 Editiion.

Every four years, scholars in psychology gather for an exciting time of sharing their current research, their new ideas in research and practice, and their perceptions of the future of our field. This gathering is the IUPsyS International Congress of Psychology.  The 27th International Congress of Psychology was held in Stockholm, Sweden, July 23–28, 2000. The Congress was attended by almost 6,000 scholars. Participants came from 90 countries. The largest delegation of 1,707 was from Sweden, while Japan sent 540, the USA 513, and the United Kingdom 215. Some 1,264 participants were students, and the Young Psychologist Program included psychologists from 17 countries. More than 100 journalists covered the proceedings of the Congress. Eleven workshops before or after the Congress attracted some 126 delegates.
Altogether, 680 scientific program sessions, arranged into 24 to 30 concurrent sessions, occurred over the duration of the Congress. These program presentations provided participants the latest research developments in psychology from around the world. Specifically, the program was composed of a Presidential Address, 3 Special Addresses, 3 Special Panels, 24 Keynote Addresses (KEY), 42 State of the Arts Lectures (SOA), 204 Invited Symposia (SYM), and 262 Thematic Oral paper sessions (PPR), consisting of 5–7 papers each (IPS); additionally, more than 141 Interactive Poster Sessions (INT) consisting of 10–28 thematic posters. Altogether, there were some 5,000 presentations, making this Congress the largest International Congress of Psychology to date. A marvellous way to end the millennium!

The Congress was organized by the Swedish Psychological Association under the auspices and sponsorship of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS).

Overall Congress organization was directed by the Congress Executive Committee: Lars-Göran Nilsson (President), Birgit Hansson (Vice-President), Arne Öhman (Vice-President), Örjan Salling (Secretary-General), Gunn Johansson, Ingvar Lundberg, and Kurt Pawlik (IUPsyS).

The Scientific Program Committee developed and organized the program, and included Arne Öhman (Chair) and Gunn Johansson (Deputy Chair), as well as members Lars Bäckman, Margot Bengtsson, Mats Fredrikson, Tommy Gärling, Claes von Hofsten, and Olof Rydén.

The Organizing Committee that coordinated all local arrangements, including the ceremonies, consisted of Birgit Hansson (Chair) and Ingvar Lundberg (Deputy Chair), as well as members Karin Aronsson, Stefan Jern, Outi Lundén, Jarl Risberg, and Ann-Charlotte Smedler.

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